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About Me

After nearly two decades as a professional educator, including leading my own school, I decided that I needed something to help provide me with perspective and balance.

My camera has always been a faithful companion on my travels but my purchase of my first DSLR in 2014 opened up a plethora of possibilities, allowing me to start seeing the world differently.

On occasions, my travels have been awe-inspiring with challenging and humbling experiences that remain with me until this day. But, just how to convey these moments to others was going to take years of learning and refinement; this is a journey I will be making for many years to come.

My inspirations are varied; those with an eye to the more intimate scenes are shaping my current development. My base on the South Coast affords convenient access to the varied landscapes of Dorset, shot so frequently and with very good reason, through to lesser-known Sussex locations where hidden gems are waiting to be captured.

My gear comprises both Canon DSLR and mirrorless setups, with Canon and Sigma lenses and a combination of Lee and Nisi filters.

I look forward to sharing my work with you through this website and possibly, in the future, having the privilege of shooting alongside you.

Louise Welcome

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